DD LUXZ Vinyl Design

This was a class project that I did based on the band DD LUXZ.  I was to redesign an existing album and make it for vinyl, I chose to redesign this album that they had released. My goal with this design was to really give the audience the feel of the genre of music they […]

Greek Restaurant Menu

For this project I had to make a menu for a high end restaurant(fictional restaurant). The restaurant i used was Greek based. I researched different Greek menus from other restaurants for the pricing, descriptions and names. I wanted the menu to reflect Greek culture and the restaurant itself. I chose to use earthy tones to […]

BlizzBuzz Magazine

In this project I created a magazine cover page, content page and a two page spread. I chose to make up a magazine that was based off of Blizzard’s Blizzcon event. The logo I drew to have a similar appearance to Blizzard’s actual logo as well as the color theme used for the magazine. On […]