Madness Shirts

For this website I made up a store that sells custom shirts for a class project. It is a fairly simple website only a few pages. I created pages that would allow admins and/or staff to add new products into the database, as well as edit existing items. There is also a page that pulls […]

WordPress Theme (StewieKillsLois)

This is a WordPress theme that I had to create for a class project. I used WordPress framework Foundation to site off the site. I targeted the theme to designers looking to make a portfolio website. There are a number of features that are included in the theme as well as page templates. You can […]

The New Yorker

This was a class project that I had to create a cover for The New Yorker magazine. The magazine cover had to be based on a real topic and something that would typically be shown in this magazine. I chose a topic that is covered in the magazine a lot, which is politics. This cover […]

DD LUXZ Website

I made this website for a music band called DD LUXZ as a class project. The purpose of the site is to give their fans information about the band and its members, get feed back from fans, and showcase their albums. The color palette i used was based off of their latest album at the […]